Reserve Bank of Australia increased the rates by half a % again.

The RBA has increased the rates by half a % again today to bring the cash rates to 1.85% & it is given that all the lenders will increase their rates today inline with RBA. The main reason RBA is increasing the rates so aggressively is to curtail the runaway inflation. The underlying message from RBA to the Australian people is pretty simple, curb your spending and rain in on the discretionary spending to not only bring the demand down, but inflation and subsequently the rates. When the rates rise they don’t only impact the borrowers but to the renters too as the land lords pass on the cost increases. So everyone is impacted by the rate rises and we are all in this together 🤝 whether you are impacted directly or not. We all need to take steps to respond to the changing landscape of the Australian economy & do our bit.

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